Minibus Leasing – Can I Drive A Minibus?


Things To Know When Considering Self Drive Minibus Hire

Renault Master MinibusIf you’re asking yourself the question “Can I drive a Minibus?” I’m assuming that you want to know about the various legal requirements governing Self Drive Minibus Hire. Whether you’re considering Minibus Leasing or short term Minibus Hire, the main UK legal requirements cover Drivers’ Hours, whether you need a PSV Operator Licence, and what type of Driving Licence you hold. However, many of these regulations only apply if you’re using the Minibus for hire or reward.

Factors that will determine whether you can drive a Minibus:-

[For legal purposes, a Minibus is defined as a motor vehicle built or adapted to carry between nine and seventeen seated persons including the driver.]

Can I Drive A Minibus With My Current Driving Licence?

If you’ve held a full UK Driving Licence since before 1st January 1997 which includes permission for you to drive Group D1 passenger carrying vehicles, then you can drive a Minibus – but not for hire or reward. The term ‘hire or reward’ means you cannot receive any payment in cash or kind by passengers which gives them a right to be carried. To carry people for hire or reward requires a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Operator Licence.

If you’ve only held a full UK Driving Licence since 1st January 1997, you’ll need to apply for a Minibus (D1) Licence and take a separate test to get Minibus entitlement added to your Licence. However, you can still drive a Minibus without D1 entitlement if you drive on behalf of a non-commercial body for social purposes, are aged 21 or over, and are providing your service on a voluntary basis, but not for hire or reward. For more information, check out What You Can Drive And Your Obligations.

Can I Drive A Minibus Without A PSV Operator Licence?

If you’re interested in Self Drive Minibus Hire for commercial use, you will need a PSV Operator Licence. The main exemptions are for organizations involved in education, social welfare, recreation, religion and activities which benefit the community, and you would need to obtain a Section 19 or 22 Permit for these purposes. More information about the PSV Licence can be found at the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) website.

Can I Drive A Minibus Without Recording Drivers’ Hours?

Whether you choose Minibus Hire or Minibus Leasing, you will need to observe EU Drivers’ Hours rules if you use a Minibus for commercial purposes in the UK, and that includes the use of a Tachograph to record your hours. If your usage is not for commercial purposes, such as if you have a Section 19 or 22 Permit, you must still observe the domestic Drivers’ Hours rules. Private Minibus use in the UK is exempt from all Drivers’ Hours rules. Driver’s Hours regulations can be found at the Drivers Hours & Tachograph Guides section of the Department For Transport website.

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